Unmask our Kids

Alberta Parents Against Mandatory Masking of Children

About this letter

This letter was created in response to the Provincial Health Order in relation to mandatory masking of school children.

The parents of Alberta, represented by all school districts, are opposed to any order requiring children to wear masks in schools.

Please download this letter, sign it with your name and address, and either email it or mail it to your local MLA.

About this letter

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled:

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to:

Rescind the Public Health Order (CMOH Order 33-2020) requiring non-medical mask use for Grade 4 to 12 students, all staff, and visitors in indoor spaces including on school buses and shared areas such as hallways.

We oppose any and all mandates requiring children to wear face masks, regardless of grade level, and will never support any further measures to extend masking for any reason. Currently in our province, there are 733,599 preschool, elementary, secondary and high school students, spanning all public and independent schools. These children and their families were not once consulted about the mandatory wearing of masks in schools.

We know these mandates were put in place due to pressure from the ATA - Alberta Teachers’ Association, the Ministry of Education, and from Deena Hinshaw, the Chief Medical Officer of Health. These governing bodies have yet to provide the public with scientific evidence to support the mandatory wearing of face masks on children.

It has been demonstrated, in international, peer reviewed studies in the disciplines of psychology, physiology, and mental health that masking children is not effective, safe, nor necessary. The physical symptoms of mask-wearing include headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, reduced ability to concentrate, and reductions in cognitive function. Children with mask exemptions are experiencing coercion, bullying, disrespect, segregation, intimidation, physical and emotional harm on a daily basis.

This Provincial Health Order, with no consultation from the 733,599 school families in Alberta not only infringes on parental and children’s rights, but has shown a complete disregard to the well-being of children. As parents and concerned citizens of Alberta, we do not consent to mandatory masking of our children. It must be a parental and familial decision alone.

We request that any and all public health orders related to our children under the age of majority be reversed immediately for the well-being of our children and to uphold the parental rights of Albertan’s tantamount, and to ensure no precedent is set that will further segregate and divide our communities.

We respectfully request that the Honourable Legislative Assembly:

A) Reverse the public health order so wearing masks are not mandatory for school children in Alberta.

B) Respect the discretion of parents and families to make the decision alone on whether their children should wear a mask while at school, or in any other environment.

C) Provide all scientific, statistical, concrete data that proves that masks are necessary for children.

Concerned Parents and Citizens of Alberta.